Professional presence in complex Logistics on the Globe

Instant Access to Global Partners

Global Logistics networking platform
that you’ve been waiting for

Faster Response Time

Get highly quick Response Time. Affordable Rates from Carriers and Insurers. Deal for the largest contracts and reach than some of the largest multinationals.

Conference and Events

We organize annual Mega AGM for face to face meetings that is supporting everyone to find new business opportunities as well as discuss current trends and previous issues and their solutions. 

Global Advantages

Truckers are trying to navigate growing challenges on highways and at loading docks as they try to keep supply chains running to meet surging coronavirus-driven demand…

Secure BL And Insurance

Offering Single Bill of Lading for worldwide destinations but other than “USA” to all the members who are capable to handle according to the given terms and condition of contract. 

More Business Opportunities

Completely adapted to your needs: There is available best matches for your new business. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it to provide you best partner.

Marketing Solutions

Our Information Technology unit is offering many kind of Global Marketing solutions through a permanent solution via individual company’s web site as well as solution to working through a limited time.  

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Why just BridgingLogPro?

BridgingLogPro is a global logistics Alliance of dynamic and professional independent freight forwarders – representing major air/sea port around the world. Its main purpose is to offer to its associates the opportunity to work together in mutual cooperation, strengthening each other as freight forwarders partners and growing together inside the foreign commerce market.